Latest Data on Banana Production in India

  • The production of banana during the year 2012-13 is 30.28 million tonnes as against 28.46 million tonnes last year (2011-12). 
  • In 2009-10 and 2010-11 the production of banana was 26.47 million tonnes and 29.78 million tonnes respectively.
  • Tamil Nadu is the top banana producing state producing 8016.35 thousand tonnes, followed by Maharashtra 4100.00 thousand tonnes and Gujarat 4047.77 thousand tonnes.

Origin and Distribution

  • The edible banana is believed to have originated in the hot, tropical regions of South-East Asia. India is believed to be one of the centres of origin of banana.
  • Its cultivation is distributed throughout the warmer countries and is confined to regions between 300N and 300S of the equator.
  • Banana is also grown, in many other countries of the world namely Bangladesh, the Carribbean Islands, the Canary Islands, Florida, Egypt, Israel, Ghana, Congo, South Africa, Fiji, Hawaii, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, South China, Queensland and Sri Lanka.

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