Conference on National Academic Depository

IAS Prelims 2023

A National Conference for awareness on National Academic Depository was held in New Delhi.

The securities depositories in the country have already made dematerialization of the financial securities and have been ensuring the safety of the financial wealth of the investors. This system can now be replicated for the educational awards.

It is high time the academic awards are verified and authenticated, accessed and retrieved in a digital depository.

Government intends to establish a digital depository of academic awards to be known as National Academic Depository (NAD) on the pattern of securities depository.

The NAD would help in validating the authenticity of these awards and ensuring their safe storage and easy retrieval.

Maintaining academic awards in a digital depository would provide benefit to educational institutions, students and employers by enabling online access and retrieval; eliminate fraudulent practices such as forging of certificates and mark-sheets and facilitate validation.

NAD would be available online 24X7 access to the stakeholders.