Mock Tests Series for UPSC Prelims 2024

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Our exclusive UPSC Prelims 2024 Mock Test Series are meticulously crafted from the pages of our Course Books – that have consistently outshined, solving 80+ questions in the General Studies paper.

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Prelims 2024 test series
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Proven Success Formula

Our mock tests are not mere questions; they are a blueprint for success. We've analyzed patterns from the past, dissecting the books that consistently outperformed, and transformed that knowledge into a powerful tool for your success. Our mock tests are a strategic compilation derived from the very books that have consistently cracked the UPSC Prelims, securing 140+ scores year after year.

Tailored for UPSC 2024

Stay ahead of the competition with mock tests specifically designed for the upcoming UPSC Prelims 2024. We understand the pulse of the exam, and our series is finely tuned to align with the latest trends and expectations.

Realistic Exam Experience

Prepare for success by simulating the actual exam environment. Our mock tests recreate the intensity, format, and difficulty level of the UPSC Prelims, ensuring that you're not just ready but confident on the big day.

Precision Preparation

Each question is carefully selected to mirror the depth and breadth of the UPSC syllabus. You won't just be preparing; you'll be honing the precise skills needed to conquer the UPSC Prelims.

Subject-Wise Mastery

Dive deep into your subjects with our comprehensive 48 full-length mock tests. Tailored to each subject such as polity, economy, geography etc. these tests provide an in-depth understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to focus your efforts where they matter most.

Printed Form

No more staring at screens for hours. We deliver the mock tests directly to your doorstep in printed form. Immerse yourself in the UPSC experience with physical copies, enhancing your learning in a tangible way.

Detailed Solutions

It's not just about the questions; it's about understanding the solutions. Our mock tests come complete with detailed answers and explanations, ensuring you not only know the correct response but also grasp the underlying concepts.

Strategic Preparation

We understand the importance of a well-rounded strategy. Our subject-wise mock tests allow you to focus on specific areas, helping you refine your approach and maximize your scoring potential.

Boost Confidence

Power-packed and comprehensive, each full-length test comprises 100 questions, mirroring the actual UPSC Prelims paper. Get ready to navigate the exam confidently with our simulation of the real testing environment.



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Test Series for Prelims 2024

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If you are stuck in any of the following, these Tests are Must for you !

  • Overwhelming Syllabus: The vast UPSC syllabus seems never-ending, making it impossible to decide where to focus your efforts.
  • Multiple Failed Attempts: After 2-3 attempts, you’re still stuck at the Prelims stage, wondering if success is even possible.
  • Unpredictable Questions: UPSC’s tricky question patterns leave you baffled, and the fear of uncertainty keeps you awake at night.

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