App of CPGRAMS Portal Launched

IAS Prelims 2023

The Union Minister of State, PMO, Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr. Jitendra Singh launched the Mobile Application for the Centralized Public Grievances Redress & Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) portal of the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG).

In this direction a further step has been taken by providing M-access to citizens through mobile phones. A Quick Response (QR) code has been provided on the pg-portal which can be scanned on to the smart phone after which grievances can be sent from the smart phone directly on to CPGRAMS.

current affairsCPGRAMS is a Government of India portal aimed at providing the citizens with a platform for redress of their grievances. Grievances received on this platform are redressed by the concerned Ministry/Department/State.

CPGRAMS was launched by DARPG in technical consultation with NIC in 2007. More than 16 lakh grievances have been lodged since January 1, 2012. In last 12 months nine lakh grievances have been lodged and 6.47 lakh disposed off.

The Mobile App for the CPGRAMS is another innovative initiative of the DARPG, the nodal agency to formulate policy guidelines for citizen-centric governance in the country, redress of citizens’ grievances, being one of the most important initiatives of the department.

The DARPG has been making endeavours to bring excellence in public service delivery and to redress grievances of citizens in a meaningful manner by effectively coordinating with different Ministries and Departments of the Government and trying to eliminate the causes of grievances.

This is another step towards translating the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of “ART of Governance” as spelt out by him, with:
A – for Accountability,
R – Responsibility
T – Transparency,
forming the bedrock of the Government.

The goal is that the Administration should be citizen centric, transparent and responsive. Dr. Jitendra Singh hoped the common public will make maximum use of the mobile app since the mobile phone has emerged as the easiest way of communication from anywhere across the country.

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The mobile app will not only allow lodging of grievances, but the people can also track the status of the redress of their grievance. The DARPG is also carrying out analysis of the grievances and a systematic response is being worked out on how best to address the grievances.