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Remember, there is very tough competition in Prelims. Although syllabus seems easy to read but Prelims is the most difficult to qualify. Every year lakhs of candidates fails just with difference of few marks. Therefore Don’t take Prelims lightly. Otherwise, it may prove disastrous for you !

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UPSC Prelims 2023 journey

We provide advanced Course for IAS Prelims 2024. You should immediately start your preparation with it. Our Course covers everything that is needed to clear this exam. Our Acclaimed Course will help you in scoring more marks than others. You can boost your score to 170 marks with this Study Material while you require around 110 marks to safely clear this exam.

This Advanced Course for Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2024 is designed with proper strategy to make you successful in this most competitive exam. No part of this course should be missed or ignored. This course will boost your score in General Studies Paper of Prelims 2024 exam so that you easily qualify prelims 2024. 


यह कोर्स अब हिंदी माध्यम में भी उपलब्ध है

We provide the All-Inclusive Advanced Course for Civil Services Preliminary Exam General Studies Paper-I. Our Booklets covers the syllabus as mentioned by the UPSC in the notification. There is a very tough competition in UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam. Around 5 Lakh candidates appears in Prelims and out of them only 15,000 qualify for Mains. The actual reality is that 4,85,000 fails to qualify.

Those who fails does not mean that they did not work hard or they did not read the standard well-known books. They failed as their preparation lacked the very-latest and focussed General Studies content (having Exact Orientation towards the Latest Trend of Questions being asked by UPSC). Those who read this focussed content, score much more than others.

For general understanding the basic and standard books are sufficient. But for competition you have to refer more than that. You have to read more and more information that too very frequently, so that you do not forget it during exam. You have to prepare all the important topics while not ignoring the basic concepts.

We provide the Exact and Relevant GS Study Material for IAS Prelims Exam 2024. You just need to read and revise these books frequently.

We are a pool of persons who have already qualified this exam many times. Intense efforts are put by our experienced team members to provide you the BEST coverage of all Topics: Conventional and Latest. All Latest Government Data, Facts, Figures, Initiatives, Schemes, Programmes, Policies, Laws etc. are widely covered.

All important topics in news relevant to this exam are covered in detail. You may not find these important latest topics in general textbooks. These Booklets are fully updated and revised every year according to latest trend of questions being asked by UPSC. Each and every line of our books are important for this exam.

Content-wise our Books are comprehensive but compact in terms of thickness. This makes it easier for you to read and revise these books frequently. Success in IAS Prelims depends on SMART books. Our SMART Books gives you clear understanding of the topics and also provides to some critical latest information that is missed in general books and Coaching Classes. Adopt SMART strategy and get success in this exam.

Following 15 Booklets will be provided in this Course for IAS Prelims 2024 Exam:

1. Indian Economy (Volume – I)
2. Indian Economy (Volume – II)
3. Environment, Climate Change, Ecology and Biodiversity (Volume – I)
4. Environment, Climate Change, Ecology and Biodiversity (Volume – II)
5. Indian Polity and Governance (Public Policy, Rights Issues) (Volume – I)
6. Indian Polity and Governance (Public Policy, Rights Issues) (Volume – II)
7. Ancient History
8. Medieval History
9. Indian National Movement
10. Physical Geography and Indian Geography
11. World Geography
12. Basic Science Plus Latest Science and Technology
13. Latest General Knowledge: India and World
14. Indian Art and Culture
15. Booklet of Important Maps and Locations

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Current Affairs for IAS Prelims 2024

The significance of Current Affairs in this prestigious Civil Services Examination is increasing every year. You can yourself judge by seeing the Question Paper of UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam that majority of the questions asked are Current Affairs-oriented. It has now become IMPOSSIBLE to Clear IAS Prelims exam without giving due importance to Current Affairs.

यह कोर्स अब हिंदी माध्यम में भी उपलब्ध है

Gone are the days when people used to qualify this exam by reading just ONE FAMOUS Newspaper or Magazine. Don’t take risk of ignoring this section. Almost 40 to 50 Questions in IAS Prelims Exam are directly or indirectly related to Current Affairs. Therefore, you should prepare this section very thoroughly. It is very painful, when candidates fail to clear IAS prelims exam by just 2-3 marks in Prelims.

We provide the Exact, Latest and Specific Current Affairs for IAS Prelims 2024 exam. We exactly cover those news and current affairs which are really important from Civil Services Examination point of view. Our coverage of News and Current Affairs is very wide. You may be reading just ONE or TWO Newspaper or Magazines for this exam. But we everyday refer more than 30 News Agencies, Official Government Sources, Newspapers, National and International Magazines. Every day, our team scans around 3000 news from different sources, so that you don’t miss any news that are important for IAS Examination point of view.

Every year there are around 40 – 50 questions from Current Affairs in IAS Preliminary Exam. It may be increased in coming IAS Prelims. Therefore this section cannot be taken lightly. Forget about clearing IAS Prelims exam, if you are compromising with Current Affairs. To read all the important current affairs, kindly Subscribe this course. Read the Best Current Affairs and stay ahead of others in this competition.

We will provide you Full One year comprehensive Current Affairs from April 2023-April 2024 in this course.


Test Series for UPSC Prelims 2024

There is general tendency among the candidates to focus only on reading and reading and they avoid practice tests. They think that they will practice Tests once they complete the full syllabus and in reality such a situation does not come.

Practicing Offline Mock Tests like actual UPSC Prelims during preparation is vital for success in final exam. While it gives exposure to a candidate to face a real test like conditions prior to exam, it also keeps a candidate aware of his ability to grasp the information what he/she is reading.

Most of the times, we keep on reading the books on a continuous basis. And during that process we may miss some of logical conclusions and facts. These strike in mind only when we take tests.

There are lots of benefits of taking tests during your preparation especially for exam like Civil Services. Tests keeps you reminding about your performance. It helps you to read the content with more precision. Moreover it revises the syllabus on periodic basis.

Appearing in IAS Prelims 2024 without practicing Tests is like participating in Olympic Games without practicing at home ground. In IAS Prelims, very narrow choices are given and you are asked to select one, two, three or all of them. Candidates who never took OFFLINE mock tests remain confused in selecting right option, even if he has read the asked information during study.

Our mock test series for IAS Preliminary Exam 2024 are designed in such a way that it will develop a practice in you on how to select the right choice of answers. While it will develop a speed in you to solve the paper fast, at the same time it will help you in identifying the mistakes that you commit during tests. Therefore start with tests simultaneously with your preparation.

We provides 48 Comprehensive GS Tests. Each Test contains 100 Questions with Answers and Explanations. These covers all GS Subjects like:

Polity (10 Tests)
Economy (9 Tests)
History (11 Tests)
Geography (7 Tests)
Environment (5 Tests)
Culture (3 Tests)
Science and Technology (3 Tests)
Total = 48 Tests (4800 Questions)

These tests are prepared from our General Studies Books. They are designed in such a way to make you attain mastery in all important topics.

Compilation for UPSC Exam
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1. What is included in IAS Prelims 2024 Course?
Answer: It includes 15 GS Paper-I Course Printed Booklets and One-year Current Affairs in 13 PDF Secured files.

2. If I place order now, in how many days will I receive the books?
Answer: It takes 4-6 working days to get parcel delivered in most parts of India.

3. Is this course available through COD?
Answer: NO

4. How will I receive the Course?
Answer: All GS Books in printed format will sent by courier/post on your given address immediately.
Current Affairs you will in PDF Copy and that will be sent on your email every month.
Note that this PDF is DRM secured and you cannot share it with anyone.

5. Can I take Printout of Current Affairs PDF?
Answer: NO. Taking Print of Current Affairs in NOT allowed.

6. Can I read Current Affairs PDF both on my laptop and mobile phone?
Answer: PDF Once opened in one device CANNOT be opened in another device.
You cannot read the same file on multiple devices.
It will continue to work on the same old device till Prelims 2024 exam.

7. What are the Security features of PDF?
Answer: Our Current Affairs PDF is DRM-secured.
Only ONE device is allowed.
You have to select ONE device [Laptop/Computer/Phone/Tablet (Android/IOS)].
PDF Once opened in one device CANNOT be opened in another device in future.
You cannot read the same file on multiple devices.
However, you can open and read the PDF multiple times till Prelims 2024 exam.
You cannot take print of our Current Affairs PDF.
You cannot copy the content of our Current Affairs PDF.
You cannot share our Current Affairs PDF.

8. Can I read Current Affairs PDF on Tablet (Android/IOS)?
Answer: YES. But file once opened in one device cannot be opened on another device in future.
It will continue to work on the same old device till Prelims 2024 exam.

9. What is the validity of Current Affairs PDF?
Answer: Current Affairs PDF will be valid till UPSC Prelims 2024 Exam day.
After exam, PDF will be expired.

10. Can I get GS Course Books in PDF?
Answer: NO. Only Printed GS Books are provided by us.

11. Each General Studies Booklet contains how many pages?
Answer: Each Book contains pages between 100-150.

12. Each Current AFfairs PDF contains how many pages?
Answer: Each Current AFfairs PDF contains pages between 150-250.

13. Whom to contact for support/issue related to my order?
Answer: Our Support team is always available on Phone numbers.
You can contact us anytime at +91-9463737373, +91-9463838383
For your any query WhatsApp us on 9463737373
Our email:

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