Ballistic Missile ‘Ababeel’ in News

IAS Prelims 2023

Pakistan conducted the first flight test of long range surface-to-surface ballistic missile Ababeel.

It claimed that the missile has the capability to carry nuclear warheads and engage multiple targets with high precision, defeating the enemy’s hostile radars.

The missile is capable of delivering multiple warheads, using Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) technology.

Cruise Missile “Babur-3″

On January 9, Pakistan had conducted a test-firing of submarine-launched cruise missile “Babur-3”, having a range of 450 Km.

Babur-3 is a sea-based variant of cruise missile Babur-2, which was successfully tested in December.

It incorporates state-of-the-art technology, including under water controlled propulsion and advanced guidance and navigation features, duly augmented by Global Navigation, Terrain and Scene Matching System.

It also features terrain-hugging and sea-skimming flight capabilities that will enable it evade hostile radars.