Bangalore Tops City Momentum Index

Annual City Momentum Index tracks the speed of change of a city’s economy and commercial real estate market. It covers 134 major established and emerging business hubs and identifies cities that have the potential to maintain the greatest dynamism over the short and long term.

Six Indian cities have made it to the world’s 30 most dynamic places that have the ability to embrace technological change, absorb rapid population growth and strengthen global connectivity.

World’s Most Dynamic Cities, JLL City Momentum Index
1. Bangalore (India)
2. Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
3. Silicon Valley (USA)
4. Shanghai (China)
5. Hyderabad (India)
6. London (UK)
7. Hanoi (Vietnam)
8. Austin (USA)
9. Boston (USA)
10. Nairobi (Kenya)
11. Dubai (UAE)
12. Melbourne (Australia)
13. Pune (India)
14. New York (USA)
15. Beijing (China)
16. Sydney (Australia)
17. Chennai (India)
18. Paris (France)
19. Manila(Philippines)
20. Seattle (USA)
21. San Francisco (USA)
22. Shenzhen (China)
23. Delhi (India)
24. Raleigh Durham (USA)
25. Mumbai (India)
26. Hangzhou (China)
27. Los Angeles (USA)
28. Dublin (Ireland)
29. Nanjing (China)
30. Stockholm (Sweden)

The index tracks 42 indicators, including socio-economic factors like gross domestic product, air quality, and foreign direct investment; real estate momentum measured by construction, rents, and investment; and technological prowess in terms of access to education and environment quality.

It considers 134 established and emerging business hubs in order to determine which urban economies are most likely to “embrace rapid change.”