Bihar is Top Litchi Producing State in India

IAS Prelims 2023

Bihar is the top litchi producing State in the country. In Bihar, about 300 thousand metric tonnes of litchi is being produced from 32 thousand hectares of area. Bihar’s contribution in the production of litchi is about 40 percent.

Considering the importance of litchi, National Research Centre on Litchi was established on June 6, 2001.

The contribution of Muzaffarpur district in litchi’s production is impressive, but there is a need to increase the productivity of litchi, which is currently 8.0 tonne.

Scientists at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and National Research Centre on Litchi have succeeded in treating litchi and preserving it for 60 days at low temperature. One of its processing plants has also been developed.

The National Research Centre on Litchi is providing about 35-40 thousand plants every year to various institutions/states in the country.

Through ‘Mera Gaon- Mera Gaurav’ program, scientists have been successful in taking new techniques to some villages. The Centre has initiated Health Card scheme through which orchards are being examined and farmers are being sensitised.