Bombay HC Gets New Chief Justice

IAS Prelims 2023

Manjulla Chellur, chief justice of the Calcutta High Court, has been appointed Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court with effect from August 24.

Ms Chellur will be only second woman Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court, after Sujata Manohar in 1994.

Her appointment follows retirement of DH Waghela as Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court on August 10. Mr Waghela held the post for a brief six months.

Ms Chellur, born in 1955 in Karnataka, got her law degree and started practising as a lawyer in Karnataka after which she became a district judge in 1988.

In 2000, she became a permanent judge of the Karnataka High Court. In 2012, she was appointed Chief Justice of Kerala High Court and in 2014 she was transferred to Calcutta.

She is scheduled to retire in 2017.