Central Inland Water Transport Corporation Dissolved

IAS Prelims 2023

The Union Cabinet has given its approval to proposal for dissolution of Central Inland Water Transport Corporation Limited (CIWTC).

The Voluntary Retirement Scheme for CIWTC was implemented in the year 2015 as per decision of ‘the Cabinet on 24.12.2014.

CIWTC, a company incorporated on 22nd February 1967 under the Companies Act 1956 by the Government of India, when it took over the assets and liabilities of the erstwhile River Steam Navigation Company Limited under a scheme approved by the Calcutta High Court.

Due to inherent limitation and infrastructure bottle necks, the operations of CIWTC could never become viable and company has been incurring losses since inception.

The Company has only five employees at present.

In line with the decision of the Government to revitalize sick CPSUs wherever possible or to wind up irretrievable cases, the dissolution of the CIWTC would be initiated after disposal of movable and immovable assets.

This would free up the assets for better utilization and for the benefit of the people.

A number of assets would be taken up by Inland Waterways Authority of India to provide services on Brahmputra River (NW-4).