China Reforms to Protect Human Rights

IAS Prelims 2023

China announced reforms in laws protecting human rights as well as outlined measures to improve the conditions of prisons and detention centres.

These reforms are titled as “New Progress in the Judicial Protection of Human Rights in China”.

China has introduced reforms in the case admitting system by converting the case-filing review system into a case-filing register system.

China has revised the Criminal Procedure Law, and implemented principles of legality, in dubio pro reo, exclusion of unlawful evidence.

China also revises the Civil Procedure Law to effectively settle disputes, revised the Administrative Procedure Law to strengthen the protection of legitimate rights and interests of private parties in administrative lawsuits.

The interrogation rooms of public security organs and detention houses are all equipped with audio and video recording facilities to prevent misconduct in law enforcement such as extorting confessions by torture and obtaining evidence through illegal means.

Judicial authorities have put in place a system to exclude unlawful evidence and protect the legitimate rights and interests of criminal suspects.

It enacted the first Anti-Domestic Violence Law to strengthen legal protection of the personal rights of victims of domestic violence.