Committee on Educational Institutions for Minorities

IAS Prelims 2023

A high-level committee has been constituted to establish world class educational institutions to provide better traditional and modern education to students belonging to Minority communities.

These world class institutions providing education in technical, medical, Ayurved, Unani etc. fields will be established across the country.

The committee will give its detail report within two months on roadmap including places where these institutes will be established.

The Ministry of Minority Affairs is working on a strategy so that these institutes can get started in 2018. Forty per cent reservation has been for girls in these institutions.

Several important decisions regarding educational empowerment and skill development of students belonging to Minority communities were taken. These include “Begam Hajrat Mahal Girls Scholarship” and establishing “Garib Nawaz Skill Development Centre” across the country.

The Ministry has approved 16 “Gurukul” residential schools across the country including Telanagana (7), Andhra Pradesh (6), Karnataka (2) and Jharkhand (1) and has decided to help those Madrasas providing mainstream education.