Conservation and Maintenance of ‘Purana Qila’

IAS Prelims 2023

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), National Culture Fund (NCF) and NBCC (India) Limited, signed a MoU for the ‘Conservation, development & maintenance of Purana Qila project’ at Purana Qila, New Delhi under NBCC’s CSR initiative.

The main aim of this MoU is the conservation, restoration, development of monument precinct, upkeep of monument and museum, development to ensure better presentation and conservation of the monument and development of various tourists related amenities and highlight the history, heritage value of the monument and it’s surrounding along with its context.

Under this agreement, NBCC (India) Limited agrees to support to the project of “Conservation, Development & Maintenance of Purana Qila” and will provide funds of up to Rs. 14.35 Crore for the next 5 years in stages starting from FY-2016-17.

The execution of the project shall be undertaken in 3 phases mentioned as under –

PHASE-I : Conservation, Restoration and Horticulture & Development Works

PHASE-II : Upgradation and extension of museum and Parking

PHASE-III : Excavation and Display