Counter Nuclear Smuggling Team of India

IAS Prelims 2023

To check the smuggling of radioactive material, the Government of India has formulated scheme which is aimed at detection, interception, interdiction, prevention, preparedness and response to mitigate consequences for unauthorized entry of radioactive material.

A coordinated approach involving various stake holder agencies is made to deal with the threat from acquired/smuggled nuclear or other radioactive materials.

Under the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government has set up an institutional mechanism at the national level named as Counter Nuclear Smuggling Team (CNST). The CNST has representation from all concerned Ministries / Departments/ Agencies and meets periodically.

DAE has also developed Emergency Response Centers (DAE-ERCs) for technical expertise and advice on using radiation detection, usage of instruments and systems, analysis of results of radiological survey, formulating detection and response to Nuclear/Radiological including emergencies in public domain. A total of 23 DAE-ERCs are operational at various sites of DAE across India.

The radiation monitoring gadgets are installed at entry points which would be useful in detection, interception, interdiction, prevention of smuggling of nuclear and other radioactive material across land crossings, border, airport, seaport and all entry points.

Ministry of Home Affairs /National Disaster Management Authority have selected 56 major cities/vulnerable locations and 900 police stations for installation of these equipment .