Defence Pensioners Requested to Complete Annual Identification by June 25, 2022

azadi ka amrit mahotsav

The Ministry of Defence has extended the timeline for completing the annual identification/life certification by those defence pensioners who are yet to complete the same, until 25th June 2022.

Upon verification of data received as of 25th May 2022, it is noticed that 34,636 Pensioners who have been migrated to SPARSH have not completed their annual identification – neither online nor through their respective banks by November 2021. The April 2022 Monthly Pension was credited through a special one-time waiver for 58,275 Pensioners (out of 4.47 lakh Migrated Pensioners on SPARSH), as their annual identification details could not be verified by their respective banks by month-closing.

The process of Annual Identification/Life Certification is a statutory requirement for continued and timely credit of monthly pension. In the absence of Annual Identification/Life Certification, the initial waiver was given till 25 May 2022 and the same has now been extended by MoD till June 25, 2022.

Annual Identification/Life Certification can be done via the following means:

  1. Via the Digital Jeevan Pramaan online/Jeevan Pramaan Face App for Android Users
    1. Details of installation & usage may be found here:
    2. SPARSH Pensioner:  Please choose Sanctioning Authority as “ Defence – PCDA (P) Allahabad” & Disbursing Authority as “SPARSH – PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad
    3. Legacy Pensioner (pre-2016 Retiree): Please choose your respective Sanctioning Authority as “Defence – Jt.CDA(AF) Subroto Park” or Defence – PCDA (P) Allahabad” or “Defence – PCDA (Navy) Mumbai& Disbursing Authority as your respective pension disbursing bank/DPDO etc.
  2. Pensioners may also visit Common Service Centres (CSCs) for completion of Annual Identification. Find your nearest CSC here:
  3. Pensioners may also visit their nearest DPDO for updation of Life Certification. Legacy Pensioners may continue to update their Life Certification with their respective banks.



Source PIB