Efforts to Reduce Pulses Inflation

IAS Prelims 2023

Inter Ministerial Committee on prices of essential commodities headed by Union Consumer Affairs Secretary, Hem Pande reviewed availability and prices of essential commodities specially pulses. The meeting also reviewed the procurement and distribution of pulses from buffer stock.

It was observed that there are declining trends in the prices of pulses in recent weeks and these are expected to fall further in view of good sowing of pulses.

The Government agencies have procured about 1, 39,000 MT pulses from the domestic market and farmers and 56,000 MT pulses have been contracted for import. Thus 1, 95, 000 MT pulses are available with the buffer stock.

The Government has decided to import further 20,000 MT Chana, 80,000 MT Masoor to strengthen buffer stock.

The Department of Consumer Affairs has requested State Governments to expedite lifting of pulses Tur and Urad from the buffer stock for distribution not more than Rs. 120/kg. These pulses are provided to the States– Tur at the rate of Rs. 67/kg and Urad at the rate of Rs. 82/kg. Lifting of pulses by the States is picking up.

The meeting also discussed in detail alternate mechanism for the release of pulses at appropriate time for effective market intervention if sufficient quantity is not lifted by the States.