Emergency Declared in North Carolina

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President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency in North Carolina after Hurricane Matthew roared through the state.

The action makes federal funding available to affected individuals in 10 counties hit by the storm.

Hurricane Matthew has killed at least 29 people across the Southeast. Fourteen of those deaths are in North Carolina.

At least four rivers in the state have risen to above to near record levels. Rescue teams are back at work along the Lumber River in Lumberton, which has no power, water or sewer.

Rescuers across North Carolina are bringing scores of stranded people to safety by air, truck and by boat.

Two days after Matthew’s rain stopped, the nearby Lumber River overflowed its banks. Water started pouring into this city of 22,000 people, and that’s when rescue teams from New York, Ohio, and New Jersey showed up to pull people to safety.