Facilities to Persons on Long Term Visa

The Central Government has extended certain facilities in last two years to persons from Minority community of Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, namely Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians staying on Long Term Visa (LTV) in India, such as affidavit in place of renunciation certificate, LTV for five years instead of two years, facilities for education and employment, etc.

In order to provide them fair opportunities for a more comfortable living and hassle-free movement and pursuit of economic activities within the territory of India, Government has decided to extend the following additional facilities to this class of LTV holders:

-Permission to open bank account

-Permission for purchase of property for self occupation and suitable accommodation for carrying out self–employment.

-Permission to take self employment.

-Issuance of driving licence, PAN card and Aadhar number.

-Allowing free movement within the State /UT where they are staying.

-Transfer of LTV papers from one State to other.

-Reduction of penalty amount to Rs.100, Rs.200 and Rs.500 instead of existing amount of $30, $130, $230 on non–extension of short term Visa /LTV.

-Permission to apply for LTV from the place of present residence when the applicants have changed place without permission.