Haryana Approves Jat Reservation Bill

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The Haryana Cabinet approved the Jat reservation bill to provide reservation to Jats and four other castes in government jobs and educational institutions.

The cabinet meeting was chaired by the chief minister. The cabinet has decided to give reservation to Jats under a newly created category for backward classes (BC-3). There are already 27% reservation in government jobs for backward classes in two categories; BC-1 and BC-2.

jat reservationThe BJP-led state government had said it will bring the bill to give reservation to Jats and four other castes — Jat Sikhs, Bishnois, Tyagis and Rors in the ongoing Budget Session which is scheduled to end on March 31.

The community has been demanding reservation in the existing backward classes (BC) category. The Backward Classes quota is bifurcated in two categories — BC-A and BC-B having 16 and 11% reservation respectively.

Some Jat leaders said they had lost hopes for the reservation after the incidents of violence during the agitation, but their repeated meetings with the chief minister, cabinet ministers and senior officers revived their hopes for the bill.

In a meeting on March 19, the chief minister and agriculture minister OP Dhankar met khap leaders and assured them to bring the Jat reservation Bill during the Budget session.

A committee headed by chief secretary DS Dhesi to review the Jat reservation had earlier submitted its report to the state government.

The Jats agitated a series of protests in February 2016 in the state of Haryana. The protesters sought inclusion of their caste in the Other Backward Class (OBC) category, which would make them eligible for affirmative action benefits.

Besides Haryana, the protests also spread to the neighbouring states, such as Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and also the National Capital Region.