India 3rd in Tobacco Pictorial Warnings

IAS Prelims 2023
According to Cigarette Package Health Warnings International Status Report, India is third among countries with the largest pictorial warning on tobacco products.
Nepal now has the largest warning requirements in the world at 90 percent of the package front and back.
India has moved to the third position out of 205 countries from its earlier ranking of 136 in 2014 and 123 in 2012.
Vanuatu will implement 90 percent pictorial warnings in 2017.
India and Thailand are tied for third, requiring 85 percent pictorial warnings.
The report ranks 205 countries and territories on the size of their health warnings on cigarette packages and lists countries and territories that require graphic picture warnings.
The report shows a significant global momentum towards plain packaging with 4 countries requiring plain packs and 14 working on it.
The report also shows that 105 countries and territories have required picture health warnings on cigarette packages.