India-Colombia MOU in Agriculture and Fisheries

IAS Prelims 2023

The Union Cabinet has approved the signing of a MoU between India and Colombia in the field of agriculture and fisheries.

The MoU provides for cooperation in the following fields of agriculture and Fisheries:

-Innovative agricultural practices/approaches,
-New agricultural mechanizations,
-Successful models of agricultural marketing,
-To develop projects in association with agricultural companies for production of seed,
-Innovative production models and value generation processes in horticulture(vegetables, fruits and flowers),
-Exchange of information/exchange visits of SPS experts,
-Jatropha and Karaya,
-Cooperation in research in oil seeds and oil palm,
-Marine Industrial Fishing, Aqua-culture and Research & Training in the field of Fisheries,
-Small and large ruminants (cattle, sheep, goat) and pigs productivity, diseases and diagnostics and
-Pork processing and value addition.

Under the MoU, a Joint-Working Group (JWG) will be constituted to prepare/finalize Work Plan for the next two years while specifying task/ activities to be undertaken during that period.

The MoU will be initially valid for a period of five years and shall be automatically extended for a subsequent periods of five years unless either party expresses its desire/intention to terminate it.