India Gets Second Green Airport

IAS Prelims 2023

With the launch of Vadodara’s Harni Airport India gets its second green airport after Kerala’s Kochi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the terminal building of Vadodara’s Harni Airport.

The building has been designed according to the advance building management system. With advanced security systems, the terminal has energy-saving cooling mechanism, rainwater harvesting set-up and super sensitive fire safety alarm.

Designed and built by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) at a cost of Rs 160 crore, the new international terminal will increase the airport’s passengers handling capacity from the current 450 passengers to 700 per hour.

The Vadodara airport is country’s second state-of-the-art airport after Kerala’s.

The airport has already been registered with the Limca Book of Records for the longest single sheet rooftop measuring 164.2 metres.

The new terminal at the airport in Harni, on the city outskirts, is spread over 18,120 sq mt and can handle 700 passengers (domestic plus international) per hour through 18 check-in counters.