Indian National Flag Unfurled on Mt. Everest

IAS Prelims 2023

The Indian Naval Mountaineering team comprising eleven summiteers (9 on Mt Everest & 2 on Lhotse) have successfully unfurled National flag and Naval Ensign atop highest point on earth i.e. Mt. Everest.

The expedition was headed by Cdr Sanjay Kulkarni (Oi/c expedition) and comprised 18 climbers for Mt Everest; two climbers for Lhotse and four base camp members.

The team followed the route from Jiri and trekked to Everest base camp covering over 180 km in 16 days of arduous climb, gradually gaining height and also acclimatising in the process from 05 to 20 Apr 17.

A series of eight mountaineering expeditions were undertaken between 2015-2017 to build the team for scaling Mount Everest. These were Mt Saifee(6216m)- May 15, Mt Stok Kangri(6135m)-Sep 15, Mt Kun (7077m)-Sep 15, Mt Jogin I & III(6465)- May 16, Mt Kamet(7756m) & Mt Abi Gamin (7355m)- Jun 16, Mt Satopanth(7075m)- Jun 16, Mt Saser Kangri(I) & (IV) (7416m)/(7672m)- Sep 16, Mt Mukut (7135m)- Sep 16.