Indira Gandhi Feeder Canal

IAS Prelims 2023

The Head Regulator of Indira Gandhi Feeder at Harike was designed and constructed a capacity of 15,000 cusecs. Subsequently, the Indira Gandhi Feeder was constructed with a designed capacity of 18,500 cusecs. The matter of increasing the capacity of head regulator of Indira Gandhi Feeder for the better use of the capacity of Indira Gandhi Feeder had been under discussion between Ministry of Jal Shakti with both the states and also between the two states.

The matter was discussed between Hon’ble Chief Ministers of Rajasthan and Punjab on 25 July 2019 wherein it was decided the Chief Engineers of both the states will inspect the Harike Head Works to find out its technical feasibility. In compliance to decision taken in the bilateral meeting, a joint inspection of Chief Engineers of Rajasthan and Punjab was held on 30 July 2019.

It has been concluded that due to limited area available at site, construction of additional bay in the head regulator of Indira Gandhi Feeder is not feasible. However, the enhanced discharge of 18500 increasing pond level by 1.0 ft. and construction of additional bays in the head regulator of Rajasthan Feeder had not been found to be advisable.

Since the matter has been resolved bilaterally, there seems to be no need for any further intervention by the Union Government at present.

This Information was given by the Minister of State for Jal Shakti Shri Bishweswar Tudu in a written      reply in Lok Sabha today.




    Source PIB