Indo-Maldives Joint Military Exercise ‘Ekuverin’

Eighth edition of the Indo-Maldives joint military exercise, ‘Ekuverin’ was held at Belagavi, about 505 km from Bengaluru.

The bilateral annual exercise was a 14-day joint military training between the Indian Army and the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF), which is held alternatively in India and Maldives since 2009.

‘Ekuverin’ means ‘friends’ in the Maldivian language.

The seventh edition of the exercise was held at Kadhdhoo, Lammu Atoll, the Maldives in December 2016.

The focus of the exercise was to acquaint both armies with each other’s operating procedures in the backdrop of a counter-insurgency or counter-terrorist operation in an urban or semi-urban environment under the United Nations (UN) Charter, with an overall aim to enhance interoperability between the two armies.