International Purple Fest Drives Empowerment in Inclusive Education and Assistive Technology

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The International Purple Festival continues to be a beacon of empowerment, dedicating its second day to crucial discussions on Inclusive Education and groundbreaking advancements in Assistive Technology. Speakers from diverse backgrounds converged to illuminate the path towards accessible education for all, reaffirming India’s commitment to inclusivity.

National Summit on Inclusive Education:

At the historic Maquinez Palace in Panaji, the National Summit on Inclusive Education took center stage, setting the tone for insightful deliberations. Satish Kapoor, Founder Director at Brotherhood, New Delhi, opened the summit, welcoming esteemed participants. The panel, featuring luminaries such as Dr. Sandhya Limaye, Martin Matthew, Taha Haaziq, and Avelino De Sa, brought forth a wealth of perspectives.

Dr. Sandhya Limaye, representing TISS, Mumbai, highlighted a decade-long commitment to inclusive education. With over 120 participants engaged, she underscored the need for higher education opportunities for disabled individuals. Limaye envisioned a future where inclusivity benefits not only children with disabilities but also those from minority groups.

Martin Matthew delved into the uses and gratification theory, advocating for the digital space in the age of AI supremacy. Avelino De Sa emphasized the challenges in implementing inclusive education, stressing the critical role of government policies in awareness-raising efforts.

Taha Haaziq passionately endorsed the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in positively impacting the lives of individuals with disabilities, aligning with the festival’s theme of technological innovation.

South Asia Workshop on Technology and Inclusive Education:

Chaired by Dr. Brendra Pokharel, Vice President of ICEVI West Asia, the South Asia Workshop showcased the transformative power of technology in education. Dr. Homiyar and Hunny Bhagchandani, from Startup TorchIt, presented compelling insights into how technology can revolutionize learning in science, mathematics, and advanced subjects.

A standout takeaway was the commendable work by young Indian start-ups in the assistive technology space. Encouraged by government initiatives, these startups have pioneered low-cost, effective, and culturally appropriate devices, positioning India as a global leader.

The event witnessed heartfelt gratitude expressed to ICEVI for providing a platform for innovators and hands-on experiences at the Purple Fest. Minister of Social Welfare of Goa, Subhash Phal Dessai, reiterated the importance of inclusive education, acknowledging the festival’s success in fostering awareness.

TorchIt, an organization dedicated to empowering vision beyond sight, showcased advanced products catering to individuals, teachers, and institutions. Notable tools include DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System), Pipeline App, Mega Voice, and Music Braille.

Organized by ICVE Global, the workshop highlighted India’s leadership in developing affordable and effective assistive devices. The diverse array of assistive technologies on display illuminated the potential to transform the lives of people with disabilities.

The International Purple Festival stands as a testament to India’s commitment to inclusivity, education, and technological innovation, shaping a future where everyone has equal opportunities and rights.



Source PIB