Karnataka Land Reforms Act Amended

IAS Prelims 2023

A Bill to regularise the dwelling places of landless agriculture labourers in Karnataka was passed by the Karnataka Assembly.

In this regard the Karnataka Land Reforms Act 1961 has been amended to provide ownership rights of such houses to landless agriculture labourers.

Main Provisions:

Clusters of habitats known as Lambani Tanda, Gollarahatti, Vaddarahatti, Kurubarhatti, Nayakarahatti, Majare Grama, Haadi, Doddi, Palya, Camp, Colony or any other such unrecorded habitations will be converted into revenue villages in various parts of the state.

All agriculture labourers would be entitled to house ownership. They have to submit an application to the Assistant Commissioner in prescribed format.

After determining eligibility, the tahasildar will determine the quantum of land they are entitled to. On payment of a nominal fee, the tahasildar will issue the certificate.

A copy of the certificate will be forwarded to the sub-registrar for registration of the land in the labourer’s name.

The government will announce about 78,000 habitations across the state as revenue villages. Most of the inhabitants in them are SC/ST communities and pastoral nomads.


The amendment had been pending for more than a decade and work on this Bill took three years and it is a historic day for the landless who have been living an uncertain life as the dweller either on government or private land.

The amendment is expected to benefit thousands of landless labourers in the state.