Latest DRDO Projects in News

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Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), an R&D Wing of Ministry of Defence, is primarily involved in design and development of strategic, complex and security sensitive systems in the fields of armaments, missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, radars, electronic warfare systems, sonars, combat vehicles, combat aircraft, sensors, etc for the Armed Forces as per their specific Qualitative Requirements.

Details of expenditure made by the Department of Defence Research and Development during the last three years and current year are given below:

Year Expenditure

(Rs. in crore)

2013-14 10868.88
2014-15 13257.98
2015-16 13277.27



Details of major projects (cost more than Rs. 100 Cr. sanctioned since 1st  January,  2014 are given below:

S.No Project Date of Sanction Sanctioned Cost
1 National Open Air Range Aug 2014 468.00
2 Quick Reaction Surface To Air Missile (QR-SAM) Jul 2014 476.43
3 AIP  system on P-75 submarines and development of deliverable lox system Jun 2014 270.00
4 Submarine Periscope Mar 2014 163.77
5 Technology Development of Engine Fuel Control System (EFCS) Oct 2014 177.72


6 Collaborative Development of Low Vulnerable High Performance Propellant with Low Temperature Coefficient and Improved Life of Ammunition Sep 2014 267.02
7 Project Pralay Mar 2015 332.88
8 Development of Multi-kilowatt Fibre Laser May 2015 289.55
9 Lead-in Project for Design of GHATAK and Development of Critical advanced Technologies for GHATAK & AMCA May 2106 231.00
10 AKASH-NG – New Generation Sep 2016 470.00
11 Development of Supersonic Missile Assisted Release of Torpedo SMART Nov 2016 340.00
12 Rudra M-II Mar 2016 489.06
13 ANVESHA May 2016 479.28