Maharashtra Forms Panel on Air Pollution

IAS Prelims 2023

The Maharashtra Government has formed a committee for effective implementation of Air Pollution (Prevention And Control) Act, 1981.

The 14–member committee, headed by the State Chief Secretary and the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board’s Chief will be the member secretary. The committee would be meeting every month.

The committee was being formed as per the directive of the National Green Tribunal.

One of the things the committee would deal with is the common practise of burning bagasse (the dry residue left after extraction of juice from sugar cane) and stubble in fields post-harvest.

The committee should educate farmers about better ways of disposal of the stubble.

The committee is also going to deal with the issue of road-sweeping, which pushes up the dust and pollutes the air.

The committee is expected to focus on the burning of stubble left on field in farms post-harvest, which believed to be a major source of pollution.