Mighty Little Bheem: I love Taj Mahal, India’s first Netflix original animation series had its world premiere at MIFF

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Mumbai, 30 May 2022


Mighty Little Bheem: I love Taj Mahal, India’s first Netflix original animation series has made a mark across the globe by breaking all records. More than 27 million households have watched the series outside India, said creative director of the film at its world premiere in the 17th Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) today. He said, it is the most watched video on the official Netflix kids and family You Yube channel.

Addressing a masterclass on ‘Animating in India for the World’ at the screening, Shri Chintapatla said, “India has a great culture and heritage. We have used the famous Taj Mahal and other unique aspects in this animation series which showcases the richness of our culture and content. The film itself represents a perfect case for animating in India for the world.”

“A good story presented in a unique manner always captures the audience. As the film is primarily meant for the toddlers, the team has sensibly made it, considering several psychological and behavioural aspects,” added Tirthadip Ghosh, production designer of the film.

The master class is an elaboration on the creation process of the widely loved and appreciated animated series created by Hyderabad based animation company Green Gold Animation Pvt. Ltd.

Mighty Little Bheem: I love Taj Mahal, India’s first Netflix original animation series was screened free today for children, who have become part of the festival for the first time both in physical and online mode.


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