‘Mission Satyanishtha’ Launched

The Indian Railways launched “Mission Satyanishtha” recently. “Mission Satyanishtha”, an example of maintaining ethics in public governance was launched in 2018.

It aims at sensitizing all railway employees about the need to adhere to good ethics and to maintain high standards of integrity at work.

The objectives of the Mission are:

To train every employee to understand the need and value of ethics in Personal and Public life.
To deal with ethical dilemmas in life and Public Governance.
To help understand the policies of Indian Railways on ethics and integrity and the employee’s role in upholding the same.
To develop inner governance through tapping inner resources.

The issue of Ethics, Integrity and probity in public life have been a matter of concern all over the government sector. In this context it is also extremely important that all railway servants adhere to impeccable conduct and integrity at all times. Piyush Goyal, Minister of Finance & Corporate Affairs, Railways & Coal, administered the oath to the officers and supervisors at the programme.