National Film Heritage Mission

IAS Prelims 2023

Mr. Ajay Mittal, Secretary, Information and Broadcasting Ministry launched the Film Condition Assessment, which is the first phase of implementation of National Film Heritage Mission, NFHM at Pune.

This is a one-of-its-kind project in the world, wherein the Government is spending huge amount of money towards the aspect of film preservation, in order to make rich filmic heritage available for the future generations to come.

The condition of about 1,32,000 film reels at NFAI would be assessed and necessary measures would be taken to prolong their life. Each film reel will be tracked and monitored through RFID tagging, during the first phase.

Mr. Mittal also launched NFAI’s initiative of digitization of non-filmic material. This is a step in the direction of Government’s Digital India initiative, wherein non-filmic heritage of the country would be digitized, restored and made available to the people at large.

NFAI has been the custodian of a large number of film ancillary material like posters, photos, song booklets, pamphlets, press clippings, slides / transparencies, glass negatives etc, which would be digitized and restored during the process.

About National Film Heritage Mission:

NFHM is the prestigious mission of Government of India, for preservation, conservation, digitization and restoration of rich cinematic heritage of the country.

National Film Archive of India (NFAI) is the nodal organization for the implementation of this project. Rs.597.41 crore has been allotted towards implementation of the project, which was kick-started with launch of the first phase of the mission, Film Condition Assessment.