National Mission for Manuscripts

IAS Prelims 2023

India has the largest collection of Manuscripts as per the estimates. For documentation, conservation /preservation and digitization of Manuscripts project, National Mission for Manuscripts (NMM) was launched by the Ministry of Culture in 2003.

Till date it has documented about 42 lakh Manuscripts in different scripts and languages.

For conservation of Manuscripts, Manuscripts Conservation Centres (MCCs) have been established by NMM all over the country.

The Government keeps only records (as required under the existing provisions of the schemes) of  those grantee organizations working in the field of preserving and promoting Indian Heritage, art and culture of various forms and have been getting financial assistance.

The fund provided to such organizations under the ‘Scheme for Financial Assistance to Cultural organizations with National Presence’.

The Government has sanctioned financial assistance to only those organisations who fulfill   the eligibility criteria and other provisions laid down under the guidelines of the Scheme.