Navy Children School student summits Mt. Denali in Alaska with Naval ensign

IAS Prelims 2023

azadi ka amrit mahotsav

: Mumbai, July 4, 2022

Ms. Kaamya Karthikeyan, the mountaineering prodigy and daughter of Commander S Karthikeyan of the Indian Navy, carried the tricolour and the Naval Ensign to the summit of Mount Denali (20310 ft) on 27 June 2022, becoming the youngest Indian to achieve the feat.

The remote Alaskan peak is the highest in the North American continent and is perhaps the toughest of the seven summit challenges. With this climb, she has crossed the fifth milestone on her way to climb the highest peaks in all seven continents and ski to both the poles. With Mount Everest and Mount Vinson, and the polar ski traverses remaining, Kaamya is well placed to complete the Explorer’s Grandslam, probably being the youngest to do so.