New Rules for Rewards to Informers of Narcotics Drugs

The Government of India has issued new reward guidelines called “The guidelines for grant of rewards to be paid to the officers, informers and other persons, 2017” in 2017 to regulate the grant and payment of reward to informers and government officers.

As per this policy, an officer is eligible for Rs. 20,00,000/- reward during his entire career and Rs. 50,000/- at a time. However a maximum reward of Rs. 2,00,000/- may also be given to an individual in exceptional cases by the Apex Central Rewards Committee.

Up to 50% of the total admissible reward amount can be given at pre-trial stage if the test report from chemical lab turns positive.

As per this policy, the reward sanctioning authority should also consider the factors while granting reward to informers, like accuracy of the information, degree of risk involved, extent and nature of the help rendered by the informer and whether the information also gave clues of the person involved in the drug trafficking racket.

Narcotics Control Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs has been made the coordinating agency to process the reward proposal of other Central and State agencies working in the field of drug interdiction.

While formulating the Reward Guidelines, 2017, the Government of India has also laid down the following principles:-
· Reward should not be granted as a matter of routine.
· Criteria for grant of reward to informers have been prescribed.
· Provision for special efforts made by the government officials in developing the information, effecting the seizure and post seizure investigation.
· It also excludes any work done by an individual officer in his normal course of duties.

As per the new guidelines, the reward scheme will be made applicable to –
· Informers whose information leads to seizures of Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances, Controlled substances, forfeiture of illegally acquired property under chapter V A of NDPS Act and contravention of rules made there under, which is booked by any Central and State agencies.
· Officers of Central / State / UTs Government empowered under the provisions of the NDPS Act, 1985 who make seizures, successful investigation/prosecution and conduct post investigation work in respect of contravention of provisions of NDPS Act, 1985.
· Officials of other Central / State / UTs Government who assisted in detecting the contravention of the provisions of the NDPS Act, 1985, Rules or order made there under.

The new reward guideline has not only included new drugs/ psychotropic substances in the revised reward policy but also increased the rate of reward of the seized drug. The revised reward scheme has increased the quantum of reward as per the following tables (I & II):-

Sl. No. Commodity Proposed rate of maximum reward (Rs. Per Kg.) Prescribed Purity
1. Opium 6,000/- Standard Opium
2. Morphine base and its Salts 20,000/- 90% or more of anhydrous morphine
3. Heroin and its salts 1,20,000/- 90% or more of diacetyl morphine
4. Cocaine and its salts 2,40,000/- 90% or more of anhydrous cocaine
5. Hashish 2,000/- With THC content of 4% or more
6. Hashish Oil 10,000/- With THC content of 20% or more
7. Ganja 600/- Should be commercially acceptable as Ganja.
8. Mandrax Tablets 2000/- Presence of Methaqualone
9. Amphetamine, its salts and preparations thereof 20,000/- 100% pure ATS with pro rata reduction for reduced purity
10. Methamphetamine, its salt and preparation thereof 20,000/-


100% pure ATS with pro rata reduction for reduced purity
11. Ecstasy or 3,4- Meththylene dioxy methamphetamine (MDMA) 15,000/1,000 tablets Presence of MDMA
12. Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)/ 30 Rs/ Blot Presence of LSD
13. Destruction of Illicit Opium Poppy Crop Rs 10,000 per hectare
14. Destruction of Illicit Cannabis Crop Rs 10,000 per hectare
15. Poppy Straw 240 (20% of the present street price)

N.B. (i) For the SI No. 13 and 14 the maximum reward will be computed for entire team and not an individual officer.

(ii) Rewards shall be reduced pro-rate if the purity is less than the one prescribed above.

Rates of Reward in respect of controlled /psychotropic substances, etc. seized under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, 1985 :



Commodity (Controlled/ psychotropic substances/ synthetic drugs) Rate of Maximum reward Prescribed purity
1. Ephedrine, its salts and preparations thereof Rs. 280/- Per Kg 100%
2. Pseudo-ephedrine, its salts and preparations thereof Rs. 480/-per Kg 100%
3. Acetic Anhydride Rs. 10/- per liter 100%
4. Ketamine, its salts and preparations thereof Rs. 700/- per Kg 100%
5. Anthranillic Acid Rs. 45/- Per Kg 100%
6. N-acetyl Anthranillic acid Rs. 80/- Per Kg 100%
7. Diazepam and its preparations Rs. 0.53/- per tablet of 5mg 100%
8. Alprazolam and its preparations Rs.0.20/- per tablet of 5mg 100%
9. Lorezepam and its preparations Rs. 0.296/- per tablet of 5mg 100%
10. Alprax  and its preparations Rs. 0.52/- per tablet of 5mg 100%
11. Buprenorphine/ Tidigesic and its preparations Rs.25,000/- per Kg 100%
12. Dextropropoxyphene, its salts and preparations thereof Rs.2,880/- per Kg 100%
13. Fortwin and its preparations Rs.1.044/- per vial of 30mg 100%