North Korea Test Fires Ballistic Missile

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North Korea test-fired a submarine-launched missile 500 kilometres towards Japan.

A proven SLBM system would take North Korea’s nuclear strike threat to a new level, allowing deployment far beyond the Korean peninsula and a “second-strike” capability in the event of an attack on its military bases.

Current UN resolutions prohibit North Korea from any use of ballistic missile technology, but N.Korea has continued to carry out numerous launches following its fourth nuclear test in January.

South Korea has responded by agreeing to deploy a sophisticated US anti-missile system — known as THAAD — a move that has seriously strained relations with North Korea’s main diplomatic ally, China.

Japan said missile breached his country’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

Earlier this month, North Korea fired a land-launched ballistic missile directly into Japanese-controlled waters for the first time, drawing an outraged response from Tokyo.