On a steady decline, India's Active Caseload further contracts to 3.08 Lakh

Steadily following the trend set over the past few weeks, India’s active caseload has fallen to 3.09% of the total active cases.

India has reported more daily recoveries than the daily new cases during the past 24 hours. The trend of more daily recoveries than the daily cases has led to a continuous contraction of India’s Active Caseload which presently stands at 3,08,751 today.

While 25,152 persons in were found to be COVID positive in the country in the past 24 hours, 29,885 new recoveries were registered during the same period. The daily active cases have been following a steadily declining trend. This has led to a net decline of 5,080 cases from the total Active Caseload in the last 24 hours.

The declining active cases have ensured that the active cases per million population in India (223) are amongst the lowest in the world.

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India has achieved another landmark milestone in its fight against the global pandemic. The cumulative testing has crossed 16 Cr.

11,71,868 samples were tested in the last 24 hours which has increased India’s total cumulative tests to 16,00,90,514. India’s daily testing capacity has been boosted to 15 lakh.

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Comprehensive and widespread testing on a sustained basis has resulted in bringing down the positivity rate. The cumulative Positivity Rate stands at 6.25% as of today. 

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15 States/UTs have positivity rate less than the national average.

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The total recovered cases have surpassed 95.5 lakh (95,50,712) today. The Recovery Rate has improved to 95.46%, which is amongst the highest globally. The gap between Recovered cases and Active cases is steadily increasing and presently stands at 92,41,961.

34 States/UTs have Recovery Rate more than 90%.

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74.97% of the new recovered cases is contributed by ten States/UTs.

Kerala saw 4,701 persons recovering from COVID. Maharashtra and West Bengal reported 4,467 and 2,729 new recoveries, respectively.

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Ten States/UTs have contributed 73.58% of the new cases.

Kerala reported 5,456 cases in the last 24 hours. West Bengal recorded 2,239 new cases while Maharashtra reported 1,960 daily cases yesterday.

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78.96% of the 347 case fatalities that have been reported in the past 24 hours are from Ten States/UTs.

Maharashtra has reported the maximum new daily deaths with 75 deaths. West Bengal also saw a fatality count of 42.

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    Source PIB