Pakistan-Afghanistan Setup Crisis Management Mechanism

IAS Prelims 2023

Pakistan and Afghanistan have agreed for the establishment of a bilateral “crisis management mechanism” to avoid any breakdown in mutual communications and contacts in the event of terrorist attacks on both sides of their long shared border.

The “crisis management mechanism” would enable the two sides to maintain timely and effective communications in the event of any emergencies, including terrorist attacks, allowing the two sides to resolve them through dialogue and consultation.

The developments were announced at the mediation trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan by China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Three countries also agreed to establish the China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ dialogue mechanism to cooperate on issues of mutual interest, beginning with economic cooperation.

China is investing billions of dollars in Pakistan, to establish a trade route to gain access to international markets through the Pakistani port of Gwadar on the Arabian Sea.

Afghan leaders allege sanctuaries and safe havens on Pakistani soil have enabled the Taliban to intensify insurgent attacks and prolong the Afghan war.

Pakistan blames sanctuaries in border areas of Afghanistan for plotting terrorist attacks against Pakistan.