Pakistan Tests Cruise Missile

Pakistan conducted a successful Flight Test of the indigenously developed Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) Ra’ad. It has a range of 350 kilometers.

The missile enables Pakistan to achieve air delivered strategic standoff capability on land and at sea.

The state of the art Ra’ad ALCM is equipped with highly advanced guidance and navigation system that ensures engagement of targets with pin point accuracy.

The terrain hugging low level flight maneuvers enable it to avoid detection and engagement by contemporary air defence systems.

Pakistan has different types of missiles that can carry nuclear warheads.

The president and the prime minister of Pakistan have congratulated the scientists and engineers for their outstanding achievement on the conduct of a successful flight test of “Ra’ad”.

The Strategic Plans Division, which deals with the missile system, termed it a major step towards complementing Pakistan’s deterrence capability.

Achievement of this milestone will surely enhance strategic stability and contribute to peace in the region.

India also has various nuclear-capable missiles and routinely conducts tests.