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  • The cumulative number of COVID19 vaccine doses administered in the country has crossed 12.38 Cr today as part of the world’s largest vaccination drive.
  • Over 12 lakh vaccination doses were administered in the last 24 hours.
  • 2,73,810 new cases were registered in the last 24 hours.National Mortality Rate has dipped further to 1.19%
  • TenStates/UTs have not reported any COVID19 deaths in the last 24 hours. These are Ladakh (UT), D&D & D&N,Tripura, Sikkim,Mizoram,Manipur, Lakshadweep, Nagaland, A&N Islands and Arunachal Pradesh.
  • PradhanMantriGaribKalyan Package (PMGKP) Insurance Policy Claims of COVID Warriors will continue to be settled till 24th April 2021, thereafter a Fresh Insurance Policy for COVID Warriors will become effective











India’s Cumulative Vaccination Coverage exceeds12.38 Crores

The cumulative number of COVID19 vaccine doses administered in the country has crossed 12.38 Cr today as part of the world’s largest vaccination drive.Over 12 lakh vaccination doses were administered in the last 24 hours. As on Day-93 of the vaccination drive (18th April, 2021), 12,30,007vaccine doses were given. 9,40,725 beneficiaries were vaccinated across 21,905 sessions for 1st dose and 2,89,282 beneficiaries received 2nd dose of vaccine.

  • 79% of New Cases are being reported from 10 States.
  • India’s daily new cases continue to rise. 2,73,810new cases were registered in the last 24 hours.
  • Ten States including Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka,Kerala,Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Rajasthan report78.58% of the new cases.
  • National Mortality Rate has dipped further to 1.19%
  • India’s total Active Caseload has reached 19,29,329. It now comprises 12.81% of the country’s total Positive Cases. A net incline of 1,28,013 cases recorded from the total active caseload in the last 24 hours.
  • TenStates/UTs have not reported any COVID19 deaths in the last 24 hours. These are Ladakh (UT), D&D & D&N,Tripura, Sikkim,Mizoram,Manipur, Lakshadweep, Nagaland, A&N Islands and Arunachal Pradesh.
  • PradhanMantriGaribKalyan Package (PMGKP) Insurance Policy Claims of COVID Warriors will continue to be settled till 24th April 2021, thereafter a Fresh Insurance Policy for COVID Warriors will become effective

For details: https://www.pib.gov.in/PressReleseDetail.aspx?PRID=1712613


Government of India announces a Liberalised and Accelerated Phase 3 Strategy of Covid-19 Vaccination from 1st May

Several important decisions taken in a meeting chaired by Prime Minister

Everyone above the age of 18 to be eligible to get vaccine against Covid-19

In a meeting chaired by PM Narendra Modi, an important decision of allowing vaccination to everyone above the age of 18 from 1st May has been taken. PM said that the Government has been working hard from over a year to ensure that maximum numbers of Indians are able to get the vaccine in the shortest possible of time. He added that India is vaccinating people at world record pace& we will continue this with even greater momentum.

In its Phase-III, the National Vaccine Strategy aims at liberalised vaccine pricing and scaling up of vaccine coverage. This would augment vaccine production as well as availability, incentivising vaccine manufacturers to rapidly ramp up their production as well as attract new vaccine manufacturers, domestic and international. It would also make pricing, procurement, eligibility and administration of vaccines open and flexible, allowing all stakeholders the flexibility to customise to local needs and dynamics.

The main elements of the Liberalised and Accelerated Phase 3 Strategy of the National Covid-19 Vaccination program that would come in effect from 1st May 2021, are as follows:-

  1. Vaccine manufacturers would supply 50% of their monthly Central Drugs Laboratory (CDL) released doses to Govt. of India and would be free to supply the remaining 50% doses to State Govts. and in the open market (hereinafter referred to as other than Govt. of India channel).
  1. (ii) Manufacturers would transparently make an advance declaration of the price for 50% supply that would be available to State Govts. and in open market, before 1 May 2021. Based on this price, State governments, private hospitals, industrial establishments etc would be able to procure vaccine doses from the manufacturers. Private Hospitals would have to procure their supplies of Covid-19 vaccine exclusively from the 50% supply earmarked for other than Govt. of India channel. Private Vaccination providers shall transparently declare their self-set vaccination price. The eligibility through this channel would be opened up to all adults, i.e. everyone above the age of 18.
  1. Vaccination shall continue as before in Govt. of India vaccination centres, provided free of cost to the eligible population as defined earlier i.e. Health Care Workers (HCWs), Front Line Workers (FLWs) and all people above 45 years of age.
  2. All vaccination (through Govt. of India and Other than Govt. of India channel) would be part of the National Vaccination Programme, and mandated to follow all protocol such as being captured on CoWIN platform, linked to AEFI reporting and all other prescribed norms. Stocks and price per vaccination applicable in all vaccination centres will also have to be reported real-time.
  3. The division of vaccine supply 50% to Govt. of India and 50% to other than Govt. of India channel would be applicable uniformly across for all vaccines manufactured in the country. However Government of India will allow the imported fully ready to use vaccines to be entirely utilized in the other than Govt. of India channel.
  4. Govt. of India, from its share, will allocate vaccines to States/UTs based on the criteria of extent of infection (number of active Covid cases) & performance (speed of administration). Wastage of vaccine will also be considered in this criteria and will affect the criteria negatively. Based on the above criteria, State-wise quota would be decided and communicated to the States adequately in advance.

(vii) Second dose of all existing priority groups i.e. HCWs, FLWs and population above 45 years, wherever it has become due, would be given priority, for which a specific and focused strategy would be communicated to all stakeholders.

(viii) This policy would come into effect from 1st May 2021 and will be reviewed from time to time.

For details: https://www.pib.gov.in/PressReleseDetail.aspx?PRID=1712710


Prime Minister reviews Public Health Response to COVID-19 with the Nation’s Leading Doctors

Prime Minister NarendraModi interacted with doctors across the country via video conferencing on the COVID-19 issue and vaccination progress. Prime Minister Modi appreciated the doctors, medical and para-medical staff for their invaluable service towards the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

PM Modi said, last year, during the same time, it was due to our doctors’ hard work and the nation’s strategy that we were able to control the coronavirus wave. Now that the country is facing the second wave of coronavirus, all the doctors, our frontline workers are confronting the pandemic with full force, and are saving the lives of millions of people.

PM Modi said that recently the central government has taken many important decisions related to the supply of essential medicines, injections and sufficient availability of oxygen. State Governments have been given necessary guidelines about these.

PM Modi said that vaccination is the biggest weapon in the fight against coronavirus. He urged the doctors to encourage more and more patients to get vaccinated.

The Prime Minister urged the doctors to educate people against several rumours on Covid treatment & prevention. In these difficult times, PM Modi said, it is very important that people do not become a victim of panic. For this, PM Modi said, along with proper treatment, emphasis must also be on counselling of patients admitted in hospitals. PM Modi also encouraged doctors to use tele-medicine for treatment of other diseases, in case there is no emergency.

The Prime Minister noted that this time the pandemic is spreading rapidly in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well. PM Modi called for accelerating efforts to upgrade resources in such places. He urged doctors to connect with their colleagues working in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and give them online consultations to ensure that all protocols are followed correctly.


For details: https://www.pib.gov.in/PressReleseDetail.aspx?PRID=1712702

Prime Minister interacts with regional public representatives and officials on Covid-19 in Varanasi

The Prime Minister, ShriNarendraModi, yesterday reviewed the status of Covid-19 in Varanasi district through video conferencing. During the meeting, the Prime Minister took stock of testing, availability of beds, medicines, vaccines and manpower etc. for prevention of Corona and proper treatment of Corona infected patients. He directed the officers to provide all possible assistance to the public expeditiously.

During the discussion, the Prime Minister emphasized that everybody should follow the “distance of two yards and mask is essential”. Stressing the importance of the vaccination campaign, the Prime Minister said that the administration should make everyone above the age of 45 aware of this. He also asked the administration to extend all possible assistance to the people of Varanasi with utmost sensitivity.

The Prime Minister thanked all the doctors and medical staff of the country and said that even in this hour of crisis, they are doing their duty sincerely. He said that we have to learn from last year’s experiences and move forward cautiously.

The Prime Minister said that as a representative of Varanasi, he is also taking constant feedback from the general public. He said the expansion and modernization of medical infrastructure in Varanasi in the last 5-6 years has helped in fighting Corona. Simultaneously, the availability of beds, ICU and oxygen in Varanasi is being augmented. The Prime Minister also emphasized the need to increase efforts at all levels in view of the stress due to the increased number of patients. He said that the Varanasi administration should step up the pace of work in all the fields in the same way it has rapidly set up the ‘KashiCovid Response Centre’.

The Prime Minister emphasized on “Test, Track and Treat” and said that like the first wave, the same strategy has to be adopted to win over viruses. He also emphasized on providing contract tracing and test reports of infected persons at the earliest. He also directed the administration to discharge all responsibilities towards the patients and their families living in home isolation in a sensitive manner.

The Prime Minister praised the voluntary organisations of Varanasi for working closely with the Government and said they should be further encouraged. He again emphasized on greater vigilance and caution in view of the situation.

For details: https://www.pib.gov.in/PressReleseDetail.aspx?PRID=1712536


Union Home Secretary writes to Chief Secretaries of States and Administrators of Union Territories to take necessary measures to prohibit supply of oxygen for Industrial Purposes in view of rising cases of Covid-19

The Union Home Secretary has, yesterday, written to Chief Secretaries of States and Administrators of Union Territories ,that they should issue necessary instructions to all authorities concerned in their States/Union Territories to take necessary measures to prohibit supply of oxygen for industrial purpose, except in nine industries as stated in the letter of the Union Health & Family Welfare Secretary dated 18.04.2021. This is keeping in view the rapid rise in COVID-19 cases in various parts of the country and the resultant rapid demand for medical oxygen, particularly in high-burden States of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, etc.

The letter of the Union Home Secretary follows the decision taken by the Central Government , on the recommendations of the Empowered Group-II, that the supply of oxygen for industrial purposes by manufacturers and suppliers is prohibited (except in nine industries) forthwith from 22.04.2021 till further orders, so as to augment supply for medical oxygen in the country and to save precious lives.


For details: https://www.pib.gov.in/PressReleseDetail.aspx?PRID=1712589


Union Government takes Steps to boost supply of Oxygen to Hospitals; Industrial Oxygen limited to 9 Industries

The country has been facing an unprecedented surge in the new daily cases of COVID in various States and UTs across the country. The requirement for Medical Oxygen is a critical component in the treatment of COVID affected patients. In view of the recent surge in the country of COVID19 cases, the requirement of oxygen for effective clinical treatment of COVID patients has also witnessed a manifold hike. Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has conveyed that this has already reached about 60 percent of the total daily Oxygen production, and is expected to rise further. There have been reports of shortage of medical oxygen from some States and UTs.

Government of India has been regularly monitoring and ensuring smooth supply of essential medical equipment including medical oxygen to the affected states and addressing challenges that arise from time to time. In another significant decision taken by the Union Government yesterday, the supply of Oxygen for industrial purposes by manufacturers and suppliers is prohibited forthwith from 22.04.2021 till further orders. The matter was deliberated by the DPIIT with all the stakeholders and after due deliberations, it was considered prudent to restrict the industrial usage of oxygen to meet the rising demand for medical oxygen. The surplus oxygen available up as a result of this temporary restriction will facilitate its freeing up for use as medical oxygen for treatment of COVID19 patients.

The Union Health Ministry has advised all Chief Secretaries to ensure effective implementation & compliance of this Order.

For details: https://www.pib.gov.in/PressReleseDetail.aspx?PRID=1712590


Railways getting fully ready to Transport Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) and Oxygen Cylinders

The Railways is getting fully ready to transport Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) and Oxygen Cylinders across the key Corridors.Availability of oxygen is a key element in the treatment of certain medical conditions in the Covid infection.

Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra state governments had approached Ministry of Railways to explore whether Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) tankers could be moved by Railways.Railways immediately explored the technical feasibility of transportation of LMO. LMO has to be transported through Roll On Roll Off (RO RO) service with road tankers placed on flat wagons.

Due to restrictions of height of Road Over Bridges (ROBs) and Over Head Equipment (OHE) at certain locations, out of the various specifications of road tankers, the model of road tanker T 1618 with height of 3320 mm was found feasible to be placed on flat wagons (DBKM) with height of 1290 mm.

In order to ensure that parameters of Transportation are tested, trials were conducted at various locations.

Tentatively a movement plan has been made for dispatching 10 empty tankers on 19.04.2021.

Transport Secretary Maharashtra has assured to provide the tankers by 19.04.2021.

Zonal Railways have been informed regarding the demands from State Governments.

For details: https://www.pib.gov.in/PressReleseDetail.aspx?PRID=1712553



Maharashtra:Maharashtra government has termed five states including Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, Gujarat, Goa and Kerala as places of sensitive origin pertaining to Covid 19 pandemic and has issued guidelines for people arriving from these places to the state.
Passengers coming from these states will need RT-PCR negative test done within 48 hours of travel and will have to stay 15 days in home quarantine.
Besides, it has also instructed the concerned authorities to ensure an exclusive thermal screening and separate exit gates at all stations for passengers arriving from the said states.


Gujarat: In a bid to scale up testing, Gujarat Government has roped in laboratories of
26 large educational institutions including universities in the state.
The local health department will collect samples and give them the report.
The state reported 10,340 new cases of corona, and 110 deaths have been reported in the state on Sunday.


Madhya Pradesh: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister ShivrajChauhan has said that private hospitals have an important role and State will permit opening hospitals in government premises if private agencies are willing to start hospitals.
He also declared that oxygen plants will be started in 37 districts and this work will be done within three months’ time.MP reported 12,248 new cases on Sunday.

Goa: Goa, on Sunday, recorded 11 Covid deaths within 24 hours, the highest in several months, and 951 fresh infections, the highest count since the outbreak of the pandemic last year. The state’s positivity rate, too, rose to 29%.


Kerala: More restrictions are to be imposed in the state considering the Covid surge here. Implementing night curfew and work from home facility are under consideration. State PSC has postponed all exams and interviews to April 30th. Kerala logged 18,257 new Covid-19 cases and 25 deaths on Sunday, pushing the infection load to 12.39 lakh and toll of fatalities to 4,929. A total of 29,393 people took their first dose of Covid vaccine yesterday and 6,254 second dose. So far 52,63,953 people have been given first dose and 7,13,834 second dose in the state.


Tamil Nadu:In a bid to curtail the spread of Covid-19, the Tamil Nadu government has announced restrictions from April 20 including a night curfew between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. and a complete lockdown on Sundays. For the first time, fresh Covid-19 cases in Tamil Nadu surged past the 10,000-mark on Sunday. As many as 10,723 people contracted the infection, while 42 succumbed to it in the State. The record surge in daily infections took the State’s tally to 9,91,451. Chennai recorded another new high with 3,304 cases. The city accounted for 16 of the 42 fatalities. The number of persons vaccinated dipped to 25,670 on Sunday, taking the total coverage to 47,31,143.


Karnataka:New Cases Reported: 19067; Total Active Cases: 133543; New Covid Deaths: 81; Total Covid Deaths: 1351. Total of 22,065 were vaccinated yesterday and 69,87,874 is the cumulative total of vaccinations done in the state. The state government has ordered releasing Rs 300 crore from the disaster relief fund to the BBMP for Covid-related works in the next few months. Amid the pandemic’s second wave and reported shortage of beds and drugs, Karnataka on Sunday set up a war room to ensure supply of medical oxygen to hospitals for treating Covid patients, especially in Bengaluru. According to information on the Covid-19 bed management system, 90 per cent of ICU beds and those with ventilators in all hospitals across the tech capital are currently occupied.


Andhra Pradesh:6582 new Covid-19 positive cases emerged in the state taking the total number to 9,62,037.  Death toll rose to 7410 with 22 deaths on a single day.  The active caseload saw a jump of 4217 and stood at 44,686.  The State administration has geared up to complete vaccination of half a million health care workers and frontline workers.  Meanwhile, the state has received two lakh more Covishield doses on Sunday in addition to the five lakh does received on Saturday from the Serum Institute in Pune and one lakh Covaxin doses from Bharat Biotech, Hyderabad. 



Telangana:A total 2.7 Lakh Covid vaccine doses reached Hyderabad on Sunday night and were dispatched to the Vaccination Centres across the state immediately to continue the vaccination drive. Yesterday (Sunday) was holiday for Covid vaccination drive in the state. Out of the 162 Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) plants sanctioned by the Central Government to produce medical oxygen in Govt hospitals in all states, Telangana was allotted two plants. The Centre has also sanctioned 360 tonnes of Medical oxygen to Telangana to cope with the increasing number of Covid cases in the state. Coming to daily Covid cases in the state, a total of 4009 cases were reported yesterday taking the total number of positive cases in the state to 3,55,433 and fourteen fatalities taking the cumulative number of deaths to 1838. The number of active cases in the state now is 39,154.


Assam:In Assam, Bihu functions and other cultural programmes will be prohibited in districts which have more than 300 active COVID cases.
The highly contagious UK variant strain of the novel Coronavirus has been predominant in the second wave of the pandemic in Assam and rural areas where serosurveys have indicated low exposure to the virus will be more vulnerable to the infection. Assam reported six more deaths due to COVID-19 and 639 fresh positive cases in the past 24 hours on Sunday taking the total active cases to 5,268.


Manipur: In Manipur, on Sunday 72 persons contracting the infectious disease out of only 1195 samples tested in the last 24 hours. The State Consultative Committee for COVID-19, which was formed last year to strategize and implement measures against COVID-19, held its first meeting of the year at Chief Minister’s Bungalow on Sunday amid the sudden increase in number of positive cases in the state.Even as the Government ramped up measures to avoid the second wave of COVID-19 in Manipur, the screening and collection of samples of those who arrived without a negative result via RT-PCR, TrueNat and CB-NAAT COVID-19 tests have started at Mao checkpoint today. As per the latest updates of Health Dept, the cumulative number of people who have been vaccinated in the State reached 1,062,84. All persons above 45 years are advised to get vaccinated immediately at vaccine centres of RIMS, JNIMS, District hospitals, CHCs, PHCs and select private hospitals.


Meghalaya: The death toll in Meghalaya due to COVID-19 rose to 153 on Sunday while another 73 fresh cases were detected, taking the number of active cases to 680.
Out of the 73 new positive cases, 36 were detected in East Khasi Hills, 12 each in RiBhoi and West Jaintia Hills, five in West Garo Hills, three in West Khasi Hills, two each in South West Khasi Hills and East Jaintia Hills and one in East Garo Hills. The state also recorded 41 recoveries on Sunday including 40 in East Khasi Hills and one in East Jaintia Hills. The total number of recoveries stands at 14,038.


Sikkim: 105 fresh cases being reported in the State on Sunday. This is the fifth time that daily cases have broken the 100-mark.There are now 399 active cases of Novel Coronavirus in the State. 4,586 people received the COVID vaccine at different parts of the State on Saturday. Of these, 3576 persons got the first dose and 1,010 completed the vaccine schedule with the second dose.


Nagaland: Nagaland reports 19 new COVID cases on Sunday. Active cases are at 176 while tally rises to 12,555. A total of 1,47,862 beneficiaries have been inoculated in Nagaland so far. Of them, 32,470 have received their second doses.


Tripura: 69 positive cases were reported yesterday. The total cummilative active cases in the state has gone up 430.A High level meeting was held by Principal Secreatary Health on the preperations of the Health Department with regard to vaccination and also in proper management of COVID-19 second wave.


Punjab: The total number of patients tested Positive is 300038. Number of active cases is 34190. Total Deaths reported is 7902. Total COVID-19 Vaccinated with 1st dose (Healthcare + Frontline Workers) is 500724. Total COVID-19 Vaccinated with 2nd dose (Healthcare + Frontline Workers) is 148727. Total above 45 Vaccinated with 1st dose is 1705056. Total above 45 Vaccinated with 2nd dose is 64569.


Haryana: Total Number of Samples found positive till date is 356971. Total active COVID-19 patients is 42217. Number of deaths is 3415. Cumulative number of people vaccinated till date is 3188319.


Chandigarh: Total Lab confirmed COVID-19 cases is 33934. Total number of Active Cases is 3625. Total number of COVID-19 deaths till date is 413.


Himachal Pradesh: Total number of patients tested Covid positive till date is 76375. Total number of Active Cases is 8696. Total deaths reported till date is 1177.



A stamp of Fake on an image that claims "holding your breath for more than 10 seconds without any coughing / chest anxiety/ difficulty shows that there are is No Coronavirus infection."




A stamp of misleading on the headline of a news report which claims that India's 'double mutation' covid virus variant is worrying the world.



A stamp reading misleading on a news report by New Indian Express with a headline "Centre withdraws insurance cover for healthcare workers who succumbed in the line of Covid duty"A stamp with the word fake on a news report which claims that government is likely to announce a nationwide lockdown all across the country to curb the spread of COVID19.





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