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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the India Today Conclave at Hotel Taj Palace in New Delhi today. 

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister expressed delight at the theme chosen for the conclave – ‘The India Moment’ and remarked that the world’s best economists, analysts and thinkers echo the voice that it is indeed India’s moment. He also added that the India Today Group showing the same optimism makes it even more special. Recalling his address from the Red Fort 20 months ago where the Prime Minister had said “This is the time and it is the right time”, the Prime Minister underlined that this is India’s moment.

Reflecting on the various challenges and stages that come in the way of the development journey of any nation, the Prime Minister said that the time period in this decade of the 21st century holds special importance for India. Highlighting the difference in circumstances that came in the way of nations that became developed several decades ago, the Prime Minister noted that the reason for their success was they were competing with themselves in a world that lacked global competition. He pointed out that today the circumstances faced by India are completely different where the global challenges are comprehensive in nature and come in many forms. He highlighted that the ‘India Moment’ being discussed around the world today is not ordinary, especially when the largest pandemic in a hundred years hit the world along with the ongoing war between two nations. “A new history is being scripted and we are all witnessing it together”, the Prime Minister remarked. He said that the world is showing its trust in India. Listing out India’s achievements on a global level, the Prime Minister said that India is the world’s fastest-growing economy, ranks one in smartphone data consumption in the world, ranks one in global fintech adoption rate, is the second largest mobile manufacturer in the world, and houses the third largest startup ecosystem in the world among various other things. 

Throwing light on the nation’s achievements in the first 75 days of the year 2023, the Prime Minister informed that India’s historic green budget was launched, a new airport in Shivamoga, Karnataka was inaugurated, the next phase of Mumbai Metro was launched, the world’s longest river cruise completed its journey, the Bangalore-Mysore Expressway was inaugurated, a section of the  Delhi-Mumbai Expressway was inaugurated, Vande Bharat trains from Mumbai to Vishakapatnam were flagged off, IIT Darward Campus was inaugurated and the country dedicated 21 islets of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands to the 21 Paramvir Chakra Awardees. He further added that India launched E-20 fuel after achieving 20 percent ethanol blending in petrol, inaugurated Asia’s most advanced Helicopter manufacturing facility in Tumkuru and Air India placed the highest aviation order of all time. In the last 75 days, the Prime Minister informed that the milestone of 10 crore teleconsultations was achieved through the e-Sanjeevani app in India, 8 crore new tap water connections were provided, 100 percent electrification of rail networks was achieved, a new batch of 12 cheetahs have arrived at Kuno National Park, India’s Women Under-19 team won the U19 T20 World Cup, and the country felt the joy of winning two Oscars. He also informed that in the last 75 days, 28 crucial G20 Meetings, the Energy Summit and the Global Millets Conference took place, and more than a hundred countries took part in the Aero India Summit in Bengaluru. He also informed that UPI linkage was created with Singapore, India initiated ‘Operation Dost’ to help Turkey, and the Indo-Bangladesh gas pipeline was inaugurated earlier in the evening. “All this is a reflection of the India Moment”, the Prime Minister remarked.

The Prime Minister underlined that today, on one hand, India is building physical infrastructure like roads, railways, ports, and airports while on the other hand, there is an unprecedented attraction for Indian culture and soft power in the world. “Today yoga has become popular all over the world. Today there is enthusiasm for Ayurveda and there is enthusiasm about the food and drinks of India”, the Prime Minister said. He noted that Indian films and music are attracting people’s attention with their new energy. The Prime Minister also noted that India’s millets – Shree Anna is also reaching the entire world. The Prime Minister highlighted that India’s ideas and potential towards ‘Global Good’ is being recognized by the world, be it the International Solar Alliance or the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure. “That’s why today the world is saying – This is India’s Moment”, the Prime Minister remarked. He said that all of these have a multiplier effect and informed that most of the countries are themselves returning India’s ancient idols. 

“The most special thing about the India Moment is that promise is coupled with performance”, the Prime Minister said. Comparing the headlines that made the news, the Prime Minister pointed out that the headlines of yesteryear usually unearthed scams worth lakhs of crores in various sectors and the public being out on the street in protest, but the headlines of today, the Prime Minister interjected, comprise of the corrupt taking to the streets due to action in cases of corruption. On a lighter note, the Prime Minister pointed out that the media has gained a lot of TRP by covering scams in the past and also suggested that they now have the opportunity to cover the news of action against the corrupt and increase their TRP. 

The Prime Minister recalled that earlier there used to be headlines of bomb blasts in cities and Naxalite incidents whereas today there is news of peace and prosperity. He also recalled that earlier there used to be news about big infrastructure projects being stopped in the name of the environment, whereas today there is positive news related to the environment along with the construction of new highways and expressways. He further added that news of tragic train accidents that were common earlier has now reduced due to the introduction of modern trains making headlines. He also touched upon the talks of Air India scams and poverty whereas today the news of the world’s biggest aircraft deal makes headlines. “India Moment has brought this change of promise and performance”, the Prime Minister added. 

The Prime Minister pointed out that there are pessimistic talks of humiliating India and breaking India’s morale when the country is full of self-confidence and determination, and foreign countries are also hopeful about India.

Highlighting that India has seen long periods of poverty due to the slavery era, the Prime Minister said, “The poor of India wants to get out of poverty as soon as possible. He wants his life to change along with the lives of his future generations.” The Prime Minister noted that the results of the efforts of all the governments were based on their ability and understanding. He underlined that the present government wanted new results, and hence increased the speed and scale. He gave examples of building more than 11 crore toilets at a record pace, 48 crore people being added to the banking system, and the money for pucca houses being sent directly to the bank account of those beneficiaries. He further added that the whole process of building a house is continuously monitored, and the house is also geo-tagged. The Prime Minister informed that more than 3 crore houses were built and handed to the poor in the last 9 years. He highlighted that women also have ownership rights in these houses and said that India’s Moment is bound to come when poor women feel empowered.

Reflecting on the challenges of property rights in the whole world, the Prime Minister cited a World Bank report that said that only 30 percent of the world’s population has legally registered title to their property. He reiterated that lack of property rights is considered a major obstacle in front of global development and highlighted India’s PM-Swamitva Yojana launched two and a half years ago where land mapping is being done with the help of drone technology. He informed that so far, a drone survey has been completed in two lakh thirty-four thousand villages in India and one crore twenty-two lakh property cards have also been handed out. “Many such silent revolutions are taking place in India today and these are becoming the basis of the India Moment”, the Prime Minister said. He also informed that about two and a half lakh crore rupees have been sent directly to the bank accounts of the farmers from the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi benefitting 11 crore small farmers of India. 

“Stagnation in policy decisions and status quo is a big obstacle in the progress of any country”, the Prime Minister said. He lamented the long stagnation in India due to outdated thinking and approach and the limitations of certain families and said that if the country has to move forward, it should always have dynamism and bold decision-making power. If the country has to progress, the Prime Minister said, then it should have the ability to accept newness and have an experimental mindset, it should have faith in the abilities and talents of its countrymen, and above all, there should be the blessings and participation of the people in achieving the goals. He noted that finding solutions to problems only through government and power gives very limited results, but when the strength of 130 crore countrymen is mobilized, when everyone’s effort is put in, then no problem can stand in front of the country. He emphasized the importance of trust of the people of the country in its government and expressed satisfaction that today the citizens have developed the belief that the government cares for them. “There is a human touch and sensitivity in good governance. We have given human touch to governance, and only then one can witness such a big impact. He gave the example of the Vibrant Village Scheme that instils the confidence of being the first village of the country and gives priority to development in the region. He also noted that  Central Government ministers regularly visit North East and have linked governance with a human touch. The Prime Minister informed that he has visited the northeast 50 times. He further added that this sensitivity has not only reduced the distance to the North East but has also helped a lot in establishing peace there. 

Highlighting the working culture of the government during the Ukraine crisis, the Prime Minister underlined that the government connected with about 14 thousand families, and sent a representative of the government to each house. “We assured them in difficult times that the government is with them”, he said, “India Moment gets energy from such governance full of human sensibilities.” He also underlined that the nation would not have won such a huge battle against Corona if this human touch was missing from governance.

“Whatever India is achieving today, it is due to the power of our democracy, the power of our institutions”, Shri Modi remarked. He said that the world is witnessing the democratically elected government of India take decisive decisions. He informed that India has created many new institutions in the past years and gave the example of the International Solar Alliance and Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure. He also touched upon NITI Aayog playing a big role in deciding the future roadmap, the National Company Law Tribunal playing an important role in strengthening corporate governance in the country, and the role of the GST Council in creating a modern tax system in India. He also noted that many elections were successfully held in the country amid Corona. “In the midst of the global crisis, today India’s economy is strong, the banking system is strong. This is the strength of our institutions”, he said. He informed that the government has given 220 crore doses of corona vaccine so far. “I think our democracy and our democratic institutions are being attacked the most because of this. But I am sure, even in the midst of these attacks, India will move fast towards its goals, and will achieve its goals”, he added.

Concluding the address, the Prime Minister emphasized the need to expand the role of Indian Media globally and said, “We have to strengthen India Moment with ‘Sabka Prayas’ and empower the journey of a developed India in the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.”





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