President’s Medals awarded to Fire Service, Home Guards (HG) and Civil Defence (CD) personnel on the occasion of Independence Day, 2021

President’s medal for Gallantry and President’s medal for distinguished services as well as gallantry medal and meritorious services medals are awarded to the personnel of Fire Services, Civil Defence & Home Guards on Republic Day and Independence Day each year.

On the occasion of Independence Day, 2021, 86 personnel have been awarded Fire Service Medals.

Out of these, Fire Service Medal for Gallantry is awarded to 26 personnel for their respective acts of valour and gallantry.

President’s Fire Service Medal for Distinguished Service is awarded to 10 personnel and Fire Service Medal for Meritorious Service is awarded to 50 personnel for their respective distinguished and meritorious records of services.

In addition, 55 personnel are also awarded Home Guard & Civil Defence Medals on the occasion of the Independence Day, 2021. Of these, President’s Home Guards and Civil Defence Medal for Distinguished Service and Home Guards and Civil Defence Medal for Meritorious Service are awarded to 05 personnel and 50 personnel respectively.

 The list of Fire Service Medals and  Home Guards & Civil Defence Medals awardees are enclosed as Annexure. 



    Source PIB