Rabi Crops Sown Area This Year

IAS Prelims 2023

As per preliminary reports received from the States, the total area sown under Rabi crops as on 2nd December, 2016 stands at 415.53 lakh hectares as compared to 382.84 lakh hectare this time in 2015.

Wheat has been sown/transplanted in 173.93 lakh hectares, rice in 13.37 lakh hectares, pulses in 112.95 lakh hectares, coarse cereals in 44.59 lakh hectares and area sown under oilseeds is 70.70 lakh hectares.

The area sown so far and that sown during last year this time is as follows: Lakh hectare

Crop Area sown in 2016-17 Area sown in 2015-16
Wheat 173.93 152.56
Rice 13.37 14.84
Pulses 112.95 99.83
Coarse Cereals 44.59 51.40
Oilseeds 70.70 64.21
Total 415.53 382.84