Railway Committee addresses the concerns of candidates for Non Technical Popular Categories

Ministry of Railways in terms of Order No. ERB-I/2022/23/06 dated 26.01.2022 has constituted a Committee to examine the concerns of candidates of CEN 01/2019 (Non technical Popular Categories) and CEN RRC-01/2019 (Level-1). It has now been decided as follows:

●  20 times unique candidates will be shortlisted with Pay Level wise for 2nd Stage Computer Based Test (CBT) for CEN 01/2019 (Non technical Popular Categories).

● The candidates already announced qualified will continue to remain qualified.

● The list of additional candidates getting shortlisted will be notified at each Pay Level.

● RRB wise 2nd Stage CBT for each Pay Level with all candidates of one RRB accommodated in a single shift which should eliminate normalization. Wherever single shift is not possible because of capacity constraints or otherwise, percentile based normalization will be done.

 ● CEN RRC-01/2019 (Level-1) will be a single stage exam. There will be no second stage CBT.

● RRC wise CBT will be held for Level-1. Also maximum available capacity is recommended to be used, to significantly reduce the number of shifts involved for each RRC and to speed up the examination process.

 ● Percentile based normalization, which is simple and easy to understand, will be used wherever the number of shifts involved are more than one.

● Medical standards as prescribed in Indian Railway Medical Manual (IRMM) will be used for different posts of Level-1.

 ● Any available Income and Asset Certificate for candidates, who have applied under Economically Weaker Sections (EWS), will be considered as Valid.

SCHEDULE (TENTATIVE) OF CEN 01/2019 (Non technical Popular Categories) and CEN RRC-01/2019 (Level-1)

● Revised results of all Pay Levels to be declared by the first week of April, 2022.

● 2nd stage CBT for Pay Level 6 to be held in May, 2022.

 ● 2nd Stage CBT for other Pay Levels to be conducted after giving a reasonable gap.

 ● It has been decided to follow revised methodology with special conditions for conduct of CBT for Level-1 due to elimination of 2nd stage CBT etc.

 ● This will involve mobilising of additional infrastructure and logistics to conduct CBT for Level-1 with significant increase in per shift requirement. Efforts will be made to have the exam conducting agency (ECA) on board to conduct the CBT for Level-1 as early as possible.

● Hence, CBT for Level-1 is planned to be held tentatively from July 2022 onwards.




    Source PIB