Railways Project Management & Information System

Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Railways launched one E-enabled project, namely, Project Management & Information System (PMIS).

The Indian Railways has numerous big projects throughout the country which are of crores of rupees and have many complexities.

Proper monitoring and management of these big projects is the demand of the Indian Railways.

To provide best railway network in the country, Indian Railways needs two things; one is money and the second is proper monitoring of projects in which that money is to be spent.

It is necessary to keep proper monitoring and management of the existing projects instead of keep on launching new projects.

This new PMIS system will contain all the information about the ongoing projects which will help in reducing the completion time of the project.

This new Application will help in fixing the responsibility for delay in projects on the other hand officers would be awarded for timely/early completion of projects.

PMIS is being implemented in the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramullah Rail Link (USBRL) Project as it has complexities of fragile geological formations and unstable geomorphology of young Himalayan Mountains, needing extensive investigation and treatment, extremely steep slopes and rugged terrain, coupled with inclement weather – project alignment remains snowbound for entire winter season and high seismicity.

It is planned to roll out PMIS to all the major projects across the country.