Redevelopment of Residential Colonies in Delhi

The Union Cabinet has approved redevelopment of residential colonies at West Ansari Nagar and Ayur Vigyan Nagar Campuses of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AllMS), New Delhi.

National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited (NBCC) will undertake the exercise to replace the existing housing stock of 1,444 dwelling units of Type I to IV with Build Up Area (BUA) of approx. 0.87 lakh sqm with approx. 3,928 dwelling units of Type II to VI with BUA of approx. 4.02 lakh sqm.

It will also create social infrastructure facilities of approx. 0.65 lakh including Dharamshala and approx. 0.94 lakh commercial BUA.

The total estimated cost of the project is Rs.4441 crore including maintenance and operation costs for 30 years.

The project shall be implemented on self-financing basis by sale of commercial space on free hold basis with no cost to the exchequer to the Government. The project will be completed in five years in a phased manner.


The present residential accommodations at West Ansari Nagar and Ayur Vigyan Nagar campuses are more than 50-60 years old and have outlived their utility. They are unsafe to live in.

The rapidly deteriorating condition of these old houses entails very high expenditure on their maintenance. The existing housing stock in AllMS, New Delhi demonstrates highly inefficient use of the land.

Thus, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare moved this proposal for redevelopment of existing old dilapidated housing stocks to augment the housing stock by making optimum utilization of land resources as: per Master Plan Delhi (MPD) – 2021 and using modern construction technology with green building norms and in-house solid/liquid waste management facilities.