Registrations are open for Grand Challenge on "Most Profitable 3D Printing Business"

IAS Prelims 2023

Centre of Excellence in Additive Manufacturing (CoE AM) under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has invited applications for a Grand Challenge for “Most Profitable 3D printing Business”. Last Day for submission of applications is 6th November 2021.

In India, toy manufacturing is heavily dependent on various technologies of moulding and the capital cost of machinery, material cost, manpower cost is making India under competitive in the Indian market. 3D printing is an alternative viable next-generation technology with many advantages over moulding technologies such as no recurring mould cost, better market resilience, lower capital cost per machine etc. Therefore, to accelerate the economically viable technology development, CoEAM is introducing a Grand Challenge for the most profitable business case for digital toys using 3D printing.

The aim of this challenge is to produce accelerated output for the research topic “Most profitable business case for Digital Toy using 3D printing in India”.

The challenge is divided into two parts: The first part includes the development of a 3D printed working prototype using Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) or Digital Light Processing (DLP) for given specifications and the second part involves preparation of a business case for the prototype in a given format. For more details visit:



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