Shri Kiren Rijiju inaugurates a picturesque selfie point at Lodhi Road, New Delhi

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Union Minister of Earth Sciences (MoES), Shri Kiren Rijiju, inaugurated a picturesque selfie point at MoES headquarters at Prithvi Bhavan, Lodhi Road, New Delhi today. The main attraction of the selfie point is a five-feet revolving globe resembling the Earth’s landscape and contouring (continents, oceans, and vegetation) in stunning detail. It aims to raise awareness about the Earth’s beauty and the significance of MoES services for the public. The MoES selfie point is a dynamic addition to public spaces, encouraging citizens to engage with MoES, especially through social media.

This MoES selfie point aligns with the Ministry’s goal to foster a deeper connection between the public and earth system sciences. Combining technology and outreach, the selfie point would spark curiosity and appreciation for Earth’s diverse landscapes. In addition to its captivating visual appeal, the MoES selfie point offers an opportunity for youngsters, especially students, to glimpse Earth’s geographical features offering self-expression and community engagement. Visitors are encouraged to capture photos and share them on social media, spreading awareness and inspiring others to appreciate the beauty and fragility of our planet.


Pictures: The MoES selfie point (left) inaugurated by the Union Cabinet Minister Shri Kiren Rijiju at Lodhi Road, New Delhi (right).

Shri Rijiju expressed enthusiasm about the potential of the MoES selfie point. “In addition to raising awareness about MoES and its services, the MoES selfie point is an effort to promote environmental consciousness and stewardship. Inviting citizens to interact at the MoES selfie point and share experiences online could ignite global conversation about the importance of preserving and protecting our planet for future generations”, he said.

As part of MoES outreach, the ministry actively engages and facilitates local governments, educational institutions, and community organisations to collaborate in generating awareness about earth sciences through various initiatives. The MoES selfie point would draw the public to snap a selfie and marvel at the planet’s beauty. Every interaction at the MoES selfie point would help advance awareness and connect with the planet, community, and MoES amongst the public on a daily basis. The MoES selfie point has been facilitated by the Central Public Works Department (CPWD).

MoES, led by Dr M Ravichandran, Secretary, is a network of eleven institutes: India Meteorological Department and National Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting (subordinate offices); Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology, National Centre for Seismology, and National Centre for Coastal Research (attached offices); National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research, Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, National Institute of Ocean Technology, National Centre for Earth Science Studies (autonomous institutions), and Borehole Geophysics Research Laboratory. It is mandated to translate science for public service in earth systems sciences such as weather, climate, ocean, and natural hazards. It conducts scientific research to enhance and expand the understanding and prediction of Earth system processes, knowledge, international collaboration and cooperation to support sustainable development and societal well-being.



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