Shri Piyush Goyal asks students to be inclusive in their thought process and keep the underprivileged citizens of the nation at the core of their work and innovation

IAS Prelims 2023

azadi ka amrit mahotsav

Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution and Textiles, Shri Piyush Goyal has asked students to be inclusive in their thinking and keep the poor, marginalized, underprivileged citizens of the nation at the core of their work and innovation. He asked them to be concerned for the farmers, for the labourers, for the artisans, for the small retailers and have the sensitivity as they progress in life, to realize that they are equally entitled to prosperity and to a better life. He was virtually addressing the online induction programme of the DY Patil University.

Shri Goyal told students to not just ‘go’ through the course, but ‘grow’ through the course’. He asked them to draw the maximum from their education and strive to excel in their field of choice, after graduation.

The Minister said that during the amrit kaal of the next 25 years, India’s youth would lend a new direction and a new momentum to its growth and added that in the amrit kaal, India would drive the global economy. He spoke of the paanch pran enunciated by the Prime Minister and said that these vows would guide India to unshackle itself from the colonial mindset, cultivate pride in the treasure trove of its history and socio-cultural heritage, develop a sense of oneness and unity in our quest for excellence and work with kartavya bhavna to create a better future for our children and ultimately become a developed nation by 2047.

The Minister highlighted two more elements in PM Modi’s motivational address and spoke of naari shakti, the need to empower our women and respect and recognize their contribution towards the making of a developed India and of the need to make India corruption-free.

Shri Goyal asked the students to be active solution creators during internships, seminars and conferences and contribute actively to innovative solutions to everyday problems. He urged them to be courageous when it comes to taking risks and assured them that it was all-right to fail. He asked students to develop virtues of perseverance and patience which would help them succeed in a competitive world.

He explained that there were two choices in life–hard and easy– and asked the students to always pick the hard choice and said that hard choices would empower them and prepare them to contribute to nation building. He urged students to strive for excellence in their journey of learning and innovating.

He expressed hope that the young students would become catalysts and contributors in realizing the dream of a developed India and that their education would not only be empowering but also entertaining and enlightening.  

Shri Goyal noted that online learning had taken centre stage as response to the pandemic and was successfully taking education to the last mile. He said that technology tools now help us re-create the atmosphere of a classroom.

The Minister expressed hope that the students who have joined the online induction program would go on to visualize new ideas and become job creators and entrepreneurs instead of job seekers. They would create more value in the country and bring in innovations, he said.

Shri Goyal said that online learning democratizes education and helps break barriers faced by students in accessing high quality education. Online programs would also enjoy great diversity in terms of language and culture with students joining from all over the country, the Minister said. He added that this diversity was a great advantage with students learning from each other and experiencing the real India.

The Minister quoted Dr DY Patil and said that ‘social transformation would happen through dynamic education’ and said that we could transform the future of the country through education which is contemporary, abreast with the times and leading to modern and out of the box thinking which will find solutions to the numerous problems faced by the nation. He added that DPU was like a lighthouse that guided many minds to noble destinations.

With edtech growing quickly to a projected USD 2.28 billion ( 2021-2025), institutions such as DPU would play a key role in the growth and progress of edtech tools, the Minister said.  He told the students that they were the agents of change and makers of developed India by 2047, as Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had envisioned.




Source PIB