Status report on Avian Influenza in Kerala in ducks and report of avian influenza in crows/wild/ migratory birds in the country

This is regarding updated status of control and containment operation Avian Influenza in villages of Thalavady South, Thakazhi, Pallipad, Karuvattaindistrict of Alappuzha and village of Neendoor in district of Kottayam, Kerala.

 As per the report received, a total of 5 RRTs have been deployed in above-said 4 epicentres of district of Alappuzha and 8 RRTs at epicentre Neendoorin district of Kottayam for culling.

A total of 17326 birds (9066 in Pallipad, 8260 in Karuvatta) have been culled and a total of 1570 kg feed have been destroyed in epicentres of district of Alappuzha. At epicenter in district of Kottayam 4229 birds have been culled and a total of 8 kg feed and 42 eggs have been destroyed on 6.01.2021 (Details annexed).

Further, some samples of crow from Kale Hanumanji Forest Nakka, Jaipur, Rajasthan found positive for H5N8 Avian influenza virus. Accordingly, advisories have been issued to the States so as to avoid further spread of disease to poultry. Unusual moralities have been found in 7111 domestic birds in Haryana, 150 wild birds in Madhya Pradesh, 10 crows in Gujarat, 336 migratory birds in Himachal Pradesh today.

 As per report received from Haryana, a total of 430267 birds have been died in Barwala, panchkula in past 25 days and the samples have been sent to the designated laboratory for testing, the results are still awaited. State has constituted 59 RRTs to control and contain the disease.

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    Source PIB